Let Us Build You A System That Will
help you generate an extra $30,000 per month in passive online income. Guaranteed.

Let Us Build You A System That Will help you generate an extra $30,000 per month in passive online income. Guaranteed.

for Coaches and therapists who are looking to achieve financial and location freedom

GENERATE More High Quality Leads

BOOK More Appointments

CLOSE More Deals

CHANGE More Lives

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Join The Fastest Growing Done-For-You Coaching Academy on the Internet

Get A Done-For-You System That Has Generated Over $20M For Online and Hybrid Coaches

Health CEO Academy provides DFY course templates, funnels and sales systems so you can stay focused on doing what you do best- COACH!

Discover how we've made it easy for health coaches to scale by letting us do all the heavy lifting, when we wrap an entire business infrastructure around YOU.

Gain full access to the EXACT systems we use and over 1,000 other coaches have put to use to scale to $30K/month in passive income.

We'll Construct The Entire System For You, and then Work Alongside You Until You're Outperforming Your Market.

Work With The Leading Experts in The Digital Coaching Space.

Meet Coach Rocky

Rocky Russo has built and scaled multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses in the fitness and wellness space. He's cracked the code on booking and converting leads into life-long clients and builds strong communities wherever he goes.

Getting an early start in the fitness industry (he was just 23 when he had his first $1M year) it didn't take long for Rocky to craft innovative ways to break paradigms and build businesses worth owning.

When he's not building businesses for other successful entrepreneurs you can find him getting his hands dirty in his personal businesses and planning his next venture from his homes in California, Hawaii and Tahoe.

Meet Coach Ludmila

An immigrant from Brazil, Ludmila Palhano left her comfy psychiatry practice behind to pursue the life of freedom she now lives.

From her beachfront home in Orange County, California, Mila has coached over 230 Healthcare practitioners and coaches, generating upward of 10 million dollars and counting.

Her methodical Health CEO strategy consistently achieves a 72% show-up rate and a 71% close rate.

She has boiled this process down to a science and continues to share it with coaches who are ready to grow and scale their business to 300K/year and beyond.

Her personal companies generate over $2M annually.

Scale Your Business By Getting More Qualified Sales Opportunities

Let Us Co-Operate Your Business and Treat it Like Our Own.

We will join you as the CEO of your business for the next 3 months and treat it like our own.

Our team will do the following and much more…

  • Tailor an irresistible offer that outshines your competition.

  • Implement proven lead-generation tactics to capture the attention of your ideal prospects.

  • Create an appointment-setting process that leaves no lead overlooked.

  • Assign team members to your sales and delivery process as needed to allow for scalability.

Discover how Health CEO Academy's proven system empowers coaches to attract high-quality leads, master conversions for impactful sales, and establish a foundation for long-term retention and successful upselling.

Wake Up to a Calendar Filled with Revenue-Generating Appointments!

Discover The Health CEO "Click to Close" Conversion Method that Has Generated Over $20 Million in Revenue.

Create a Battle-Tested System That Prints Cash on Autopilot

Entrepreneurs struggle to meet revenue goals because their sales processes aren't efficient.

Our team will put the right systems in place, including creating an irresistible offer that beats your competition every time.

We'll use smart strategies to attract the right customers—people who are interested in your offer—and make sure no potential customers slip away by setting up a careful appointment process.

Find out how to convince your customers to sign up without hesitation!

Why Waste Time & $$$ Watching 100'S Of Course Videos Or Trying To Figure Things Out On Your Own Just To End Up Right Where You Started?

Let Us Do All The Hard Work For You

We backup our claims with proof

see real results from real clients


Result: Teaching and traveling around the world.

How Kelli Built a Thriving Mindfulness Business and is Changing Lives.

Health CEO Academy Review – Empowering Health Professionals

Kelli Heald, Mindfulness Entrepreneur

The Challenge

Scaling a mindfulness meditation business posed challenges for Kelli Heald until she discovered the HealthCEO Academy. Seeking a seamless solution, Kelli partnered with the Academy to revolutionize her approach.

The Transformation

HealthCEO Academy, with its powerful HealthCEO app, became the backbone of Kelli's business. This all-in-one platform streamlined operations, offering centralized management, automation, and social media integration.

The Result

The HealthCEO app not only transformed Kelli's business but also connected her with a community of inspiring entrepreneurs within the HealthCEO Academy. This network, comprising health professionals, fosters inspiration and motivation, creating a space where they collaborate to revolutionize the health and wellness industry.

Now, Kelli effortlessly manages her business, leading global retreats and reaching diverse audiences. The app's course creation and housing capabilities enable her to impact local groups and a broader online community, generating multiple income streams.

Beyond its practical features, the Academy fosters a community where entrepreneurs inspire and motivate each other, collectively driving positive change in the health and wellness space.

Begin Your Health CEO Academy Journey Today and Join Kelli and Hundreds of Others.


Result: Earned $10,000/month in less than 60 days

How Mauricio Built a 30K/mo Sport MENTAL HEALTH Program from Complete Scratch.

Mauricio's Success with Health CEO Academy

The Challenge

An immigrant to the sports psychology coaching field, Mauricio started with Health CEO Academy without an Instagram presence. Building from nothing, he faced the challenge of establishing himself in the competitive industry.

The Transformation

With the support of Health CEO Academy, Mauricio implemented the Health CEO system and software, rapidly transforming his business. In just two months, his monthly income surged to over $10,000, marking a remarkable turnaround for someone who started with limited resources.

The Result

Mauricio's success is not only a testament to his dedication but also to the transformative power of Health CEO Academy. Now, in the process of developing a more extensive mentorship program, Mauricio aims to double his income from the previous year, showcasing the platform's potential for growth and success even for those starting from scratch. Mauricio's story with Health CEO Academy underscores the platform's ability to empower individuals, regardless of their starting point or background, in achieving their professional goals in the health and wellness industry.


Result: Earned $27,000/month in less than 90 days

How Mariana Built a 27K/mo UGC PROGAM from Complete Scratch.

Mariana's Success

The Challenge

Mari influencer charged $100 per session, she was tired with so many 1:1 services per day, she didn't have time for anything else and her monthly income was less than $2000 as a mentor,

The Transformation

We adjusted her offer to High Ticket Offer, and we built her more funnels options for upsells and downsells.

The Result

She earned $5k in the first 15 days and after 3 months made $27k ORGANICALLY. Today Mari has a monthly turnover of $30k/month in autopilot.


Result: Earned $10,000/month in less than 60 days

How Fabiana Built a 30K/mo Online WEIGHT LOSS Program from Complete Scratch.

Fabiana's Success

The Challenge

As a personal trainer, charging $100/hour to be at clients' homes from 5 am to 6 pm was exausting, never had built a online presence and didn't know how to deliver the transformation as a online fitness coach.

The Transformation

We set up an MVP offer, and she went from literally zero to over $10,000 in 8 weeks using the method.

The Result

Today, she works exclusively from home and has already made over $50,000 in her Online Fitness Coaching business. She has dozens of clients since she started her online business.


Result: Earned $30,000/month in less than 90 days Organically.

How Carol Built a 30K/mo Online LIFE COACHING Program from Complete Scratch.

Carol's Success

The Challenge

Carol depended 100% on her husband and was not happy with that, she had already bought several courses and nothing worked for her to make a living from her therapy, she charged $100 dollars per session and her monthly income was less than $1800 as a therapist,

The Transformation

We set up a High Ticket niched Offer for $2500 with an evergreen method.

The Result

She earned $30k in 3 months ORGANICALLY. To celebrate her success and financial independence, she gave her husband a trip to Paris, paying for everything


Result: Earned $35,000/month in less than 90 days.

How Bruno Built a 35K/mo Online Fitness Program from Complete Scratch.

Bruno's Success

The Challenge

Bruno worked as a waiter at a steakhouse in Orlando, but his love was for serving lives, he created a lot of content on his Instaram but without any financial return, he did some work as a personal trainer but couldn't make a living from it.

The Transformation

After 3 months he built a online presence in his Instagram, set up a online fitness offer.

The Result

Earned $35k dollars, left the steakhouse and now only lives off his mission as an Online Fitness Coach


Result: Earned $35,000/month in less than 90 days

How Mariana Built a 35K/mo BEATY PROGAM from Complete Scratch.

Mariana's Success

The Challenge

She was spending $2k on ads, and had a social media and traffic manager, but she didn't have the right strategy: she was directing clients to join free groups where she had to give a free lesson. She was running a Low Ticket Offer.

The Transformation

We adjusted her offer to HTO, and we refined her approach on how to communicate with customers and set her with a direct marketing.

The Result

In 3 months, she generated $35,500k in profit.

Allow us to Build Out Your Entire System In the Same Way We Have Done for 1000's of Others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you help people with?

HCA helps entrepreneurs create turnkey sales and marketing systems for their businesses. We provide all of our clients with the exact marketing and sales systems that have produced multiple million-dollar companies.

We will build out an entire customized marketing and sales system specifically for your business - done-for-you with some help on your end. We will then show you exactly how to run your client acquisition system, so you don't have to pay thousands of dollars to lead generation companies. However, if you'd rather hand that off, we can help with that too.

How much does the program cost?

We have several options that will be determined by our growth consultant during your roadmap session. They'll be able to help you find the right option for you during your call.

How long will it take to see results?

We will begin working with you immediately. Because this is a collaborative effort, timelines change. We've seen clients start seeing results within a week. Some clients take a little longer to get up and running and will start seeing results after three weeks of everything up and running.

How experienced is the HCA team?

HCA has a proven track record, having scaled to a $10 million company and worked with over 1,200 clients in various industries.

How effective are HCA's Strategies?

Over the last three years, HCA's team has nurtured over 261,532 leads, converting an average of 42.11% of them into booked appointments with a 77% show-up rate. They have also built the same system for over 1,200 clients.

Why should I trust HCA's strategies over others in the market?

Our strategies are not just theoretical. They are based on real-world results and have been refined over years of testing and feedback from over 1,200 clients

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